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Your career on Wall Street starts here. Your career on Wall Street starts here.
Your career in Cupertino starts here. Your career in Cupertino starts here.
Your career in code starts here. Your career in code starts here.

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Careers in Silicon Valley and the Fortune 500 begin at Revature. Get paid to train and start a new career in tech at places like CapitalOne, Salesforce or Peloton.
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Why Revature?

Revature is full-time training for real-world tech careers at the world’s top companies. We train you and get you hired in three months.


Paid Training

Get paid to train full-time, 40 hours a week, for 12 weeks.


89% convert to permanent employees after completing training.

10-12 Weeks

Training takes just 10-12 weeks before candidates are placed in their new tech roles.

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“Revature has afforded me this extraordinary chance to do something I may otherwise have never gotten into.”

Annmarie Bemberry —Associate Vice President and software engineer II, Bank of America

How Revature Works

Revature offers real-world training that gets you ready for your first job in tech. After training, we’ll get you hired by one of the country’s top tech companies. Here’s how it works.

Step One —


The first step in your journey is the application. It’ll give us everything we need to get you started with the program (it’s a little long, but it’s worth it, we promise!). After you apply, you’ll receive an invitation to complete our Coding Capabilities Challenge. Then, we’ll reach out to discuss your career journey together.

Step Two —

Coding Aptitude Benchmark

Sounds scary, but it’s not too bad, we promise. The challenge shows us how well you understand basic software engineering concepts. But don’t worry, we hire for aptitude and attitude, not just skills. There are lots of paths to your new tech career!

Step Three —

Join the Revature Team

Revature is a path, and we know you’ve got lots of options. Instead of paying a typical bootcamp’s $15,000 tuition, we pay you to learn the skills that major companies need today for in-demand tech jobs.

Our training is built for the real tech industry, teaching both tech and soft skills like working in teams, mock interviews, projects and quizzes. You’ll be ready for your new career on your first day.

Step Four —

Get Hired

After your 10-12 week paid training with Revature, you're ready to start your new career in tech. Once you've completed training, you'll be working for one of the Fortune 500 companies in our network and earn between $105-$125K over the next 24 months while building up experience with enterprise clients.

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Start your new career on April 5th

Begin your application today, and 10-12 weeks from now you could be starting your new career.